NorthState Webtrader

NorthState Webtrader has a powerful trading system, allowing traders to put into practice any strategy they think would be profitable for them. Full access to trading instruments, instant execution, multiple charts, advanced charts, stop loss and take profits commands, trading history available, transaction history, and more functionalities makes trading flexible and convenient.

Analytics of NorthState Webtrader

Analytical functions are the most useful functions of NorthState Webtrader. You will have online price quotes, interactive charts for different timeframes. Twenty-three analytical objects and 30 built-in technical indicators are available to do an excellent job for you. However, this is just a small part of NorthState Webtrader.
There is a wide range of indicators raising the number of analytical options for you. The market is moving all the time. Their movements are detected and come to you in real-time, increasing the chances to make the most out of market diversity.

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Trading signals and copy trading

Not having the time to trade is not a problem anymore. NorthState Webtrader allows you to automatically copy successful trades of other traders. Choose the trades, stick with a signal and let NorthState Webtrader terminal make the copy for you. There are free and paid signals with high profitability.

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NorthState Webtrader Mobile

Mobile devices are a great solution when you want to trade while being away from your computer. NorthState Webtrader offers mobile applications for Android, iOS devices, tablets, and mobiles.    
                                                                                                                    You will have the full package of the services on your mobiles, being able to trade with all the power of NorthState Webtrader. Trading functions, wide analytical capabilities, advanced charts objects. All functions are available 24/5.

Updates & financial news

Knowing the financial news and events will prepare you for market surprises and will help you make better decisions. There are alerts which inform you about what is happening around the globe.

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