Trading commodities like gold, oil is an excellent way to diversify your trading portfolio. This online trading opportunity brings you closer to any commodity to trade and make profits without purchasing them as assets. Chances do not repeat in the financial market, as it flows unstoppably. Grab the opportunities and make the most out of them.

What is commodities trading?

Commodities are as old as humanity is, and their trading dates earlier than the nowadays financial markets began. The first example of an official commodities market is in Amsterdam, 1530. Nowadays, traders from all around the globe can trade with just a few clicks from professional trading platforms. Commodity trading includes the trading process on an extensive range of assets such as metals: gold, silver, platinum, energies: oil, gas, crude oil, soft commodities: cocoa, coffee, wheat, sugar.

Commodity trading variants

Commodities are a vast field to trade. They include hard commodities, which need to be mined and soft commodities, which mainly includes agriculture. You, as a trader, will be able to access more than 100 commodities through our trading platforms.

Metals (gold, silver, platinum, and copper).

Energy (crude oil, heating oil, natural gas, and gasoline).

Livestock and meat (lean hogs, pork bellies, live cattle, and feeder cattle).

Agricultural (corn, soybeans, wheat, rice, cocoa, coffee, cotton, and sugar).

6 commodity
trading steps

Choose your market

– Pick up the commodity you have studied and know more about. Decide on trading on spread bet or trade CFDs on. Choose among the most popular commodities, Crude Oil Brent, Gold, or Natural Gas.

Decide to go long or short

– Buy (go long) if you think prices will go up, or sell (go short) if you think prices will go down.

Enter a trade size

– Decide on the amount of capital you will invest in total, and how much per trade.

Use risk management functions

– Use stop loss and take profits functions in order to protect your capital.

Monitor your position

– After placing your trade, monitor your open positions, follow your profit or losses in real time. Losses can exceed your deposits, but we are providing negative balance protection. So, you will not lose more than what you have.

Close your position

– If you are not practicing stop loss function, which would close the trade automatically, close them by yourself in the moment suitable for you.