Trading tips

Stick to these tips:

Learn. Learn. Learn.

It is essential to be aware of the latest events happening around the globe. Every event in the political or economic area influences prices. You need to know it in real-time. So keep doing your homework every day, research, dive deeper into technical terminology.

Always keep some funds aside

Write it down, how much capital can you afford to lose in a time. Invest this amount, and also decide how much capital you will invest in each trade. Keep aside a surplus amount, just in case of any possible surprise.

Consider time as a precious asset

If you decide to trade, you need to save time for trading. It requires concentration to spot opportunities. Opportunities come all the time. You need to be there. On-time. Moving quickly is critical.

First steps, small steps.

If you are a beginner, there is no point in starting with hundreds of thousands of investment dollars. Trade on small amounts, boost your confidence, raise your capital slowly, and use your capital wisely. If the Google share is trading at $210, you trade $100. The first steps should be small and secure.

Do not focus on small assets

Small companies are very fragile and they do not have the necessary liquidity level to help you generate profits. This is why researching before placing your money in any company is strongly recommended.

Time Those Trades

Not every moment of the day is suitable to trade. Some hours are very favorable, some not. Some traders prefer morning, which contributes to price volatility. For beginners, it is recommended to observe the market for the first 20 min and then act. Middle hours are less volatile. Trading after rushing hours is safer for a beginner trader.

Stop loss, take profits command

Take care of these two commands so that you will be more protected in the market.

Be realistic and do not lose coolness

You will not be profitable all the time. Your strategy will not be successful all the time. Some of your trades will be closed without generating any profit. Understand that. It would be best if you stayed cold, not be greedy, and stay optimistic. Hard work pays off.